The Routine Of An Artist

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drug and art routineI like to stick to a routine as it keeps me productive and makes me feel busy. As I spend a lot of time at home, a daily plan helps keep me motivated to actually do things. I have established a way to work faster and produce more work, though I don’t feel rushed. I developed the routine after I started smoking, and even though I started selling more work, I got lazy. The routine brought me back down to earth and made me concentrate on what I need to do, to help me reach my dreams. I also got more organized, putting a calendar up, setting up everything online and sorting out my pieces in a portfolio.


Monday through Friday, I wake up at 9 am with an alarm; otherwise I would probably sleep past midday. Even if I sleep really late, having a routine has helped me sleep much better, and I find myself waking up in the morning feeling relaxed but ready to go. After I have eaten and showered, I go and clear out my studio. Put everything where it supposed to be, and have a good clean. When I work in the afternoon and evenings I like to start in a fresh, organized state with no distractions. Sometimes I like to go out for a walk, get some fresh air and buy some groceries, as usually the rest of the day I spend at home. It is good just to walk and watch the world go by, the people rushing past, the noise of the traffic and the beauty of nature. It is great stimulation for my work, and helps me relax and focus on the work that I have to do. Plus the exercise is good for me, as I am sitting most of the time.

Then I spend the rest of the morning taking photos of my work and organizing them in my portfolio. This helps me know what pieces I have, what I can put up for sale, what is reserved etc. If I have any new pieces that are finished, I put them online for sale, or if they are really special, I send them to a gallery that puts art up for sale at good prices, and takes a commission. The mornings are like my office time, sorting out my finances and my works, if any have been bought I will send them for delivery, check if I have any emails etc. Now that I am actually making money, I like to keep it organized, make sure I am paying all my bills, put some in savings and see what is left over. It feels great to have money now.

Then late afternoons, I reward myself with a joint and get started with my art. This is the time when I am coming up with ideas, sketching things out and testing colors. I like to experiment with new methods as well, just to see the effects. Things like melting crayons or painting with melted wax, it is interesting to learn different techniques, just in case I want to use them in my work.

After I have eaten, I light up the bong, and when I am starting to feel high, I get down to business. This is the time when I really get inside my art and produce some amazing things. I don’t always paint, sometimes I like to draw, sometimes even sculpt, and just create art in any way.

Normally though, I paint. When I am high, I get really inspired and productive. I will spend the whole evening in my studio, smoking and painting. Sometimes I like music in the background, but when I am really concentrating I prefer silence.

Friday nights can vary. About once a month I see my friends, or if I am home, I usually use this night to experiment with other drugs. This is my night to have some fun, so I may do cocaine, LSD, magic mushrooms or speed. I have a friend who sometimes comes over and we get high together and try out some art experiments for fun. Some of my most insane pieces were created on one of my Friday night binges.


My weekends vary, I normally have a good lie in and catch up on my sleep. When I wake up I check my emails but don’t spend too much time online. If I have plans I will go out, sometimes to see my family or friends, or now and again on a date. If I don’t have plans, I normally just have a lazy day, getting high and adding to any pieces I have started, or create a new one. I enjoy these days being lazy, and when I am in this zone, different ideas come to my mind.

I smoke weed normally throughout the week, though on weekdays only when it gets dark. I do have the odd day when I don’t smoke, but if I am painting, I like to smoke. The stronger drugs I normally only take around twice a month.

Now that I am making steady money, I try to travel a bit more. Once or twice a year, I book a cheap flight somewhere exotic, pack my art equipment, and go for a few weeks. Discovering new places and looking at historical places are fantastic for getting new inspiration. Places like old European cities, India, Egypt, South America. I still have a long list of places I want to visit, but it takes a lot of saving and selling. My last trip was to Thailand, where I smoked some fantastic weed, looked at lots of amazing temples, then spent a couple of weeks painting by the sea. I created four stunning pieces on that holiday, which I sold when I got back for great prices.

How To Stay Organized

I feel like having a daily and weekly routine makes me more efficient and feel better about my life. Being organized is important for success, and I feel like I have much more control of my life.

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