Art, Drugs, and Life Resources

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As you know, the Herrmann & Wagner blog is all about Arts, Drugs, and Life. I have struggled to make it where I am today. There have been many resources that I have collected along the way; they’ve made the process possible. Below are my favorite websites. Enjoy!

Art, Drugs, and Life

  • Benefits of Marijuana
    • This site dives into the details about marijuana and creativity. Although the information is fantastic, the best way to find out is through experience.
  • Drug Test Ninja
    • This site was a life saver when I was applying for all the part-time jobs. Most part-time jobs drug test and it can be tough for us marijuana smokers.
  • Bryan Lewis Saunders
    • Bryan’s website has been a huge influence in my art career. You’re in for a treat when you check out the site. He is all about drugs and art (so I’m not the only one).

Last update: 12/04/2014

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