20 Main Reasons Why You Should Choose an Artistic Career

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A lot of people usually do not understand artists; people even claim that most artists are weird. But does that mean that creative people are considered weird? I think yes and a no can answer this. It will depend on the person you ask, to be honest.

While being an artist doesn’t sound as cool as a Lawyer, Doctor or even an Engineer, here are some of the top 20 reasons why being an Artist; as a passion and an occupation is the BEST.

1. Art helps develop the whole brain Art requires focus and attention; it develops coordination and strategic thinking. It revolves around creating directly from the mind. Research shows it’s a good practice, especially for the kids.

2. Develop your own style Seriously, there is no better feeling than creating and finding your own style that you’re comfortable and happy with.

3. Freedom to do what you love Not everyone is granted to do what they love. So having the freedom to do art as a passion liberates you more than anything.

4. Inspire other people This is probably one of the most precious rewards you could ever have. Being able to inspire people and motivate them in life is definitely one of the best feelings in the world.

Painter5. Work on your creativity  Being an artist is an everyday work. You get to develop your skill every single day, for the rest of your life. The learning never ends.

6. Art teaches Problem Solving Creating art teaches that there are several ways to solve a problem. Art confronts our views and inspires us that there are no limits.

7. Art is everywhere You get inspiration with everything! Mainly because it is everywhere. It’s on the streets, clothes, buildings, nature, even on people. The whole world is your inspiration.

8. Receiving an award for your work – It does not matter if it’s a big or a small award. The important thing is you’re happy with every acknowledgement you receive and your contented when appreciated for your hard work.

9. Experiencing the reaction Being able to see people respond to your art is the best. It does not even matter if it’s a good reaction or a bad reaction. The main purpose of art is to make someone feel and witness someone respond to it, which means you’re doing something right.

10. Expressing yourself the way you want Not being told by the world how to do your work is awesome because conveying yourself to the world is one of the main keys as an Artist.

11. You are your own boss – You don’t have to follow someone else’s command because you work for yourself.

12. Being recognized by other artists Again, one of the best feelings in the world is to be recognized as an artist by other fellow artists.

13. Sharing your soul to other people When you let people see what you’ve created, you are showing them a piece of your soul. Essentially, that is one of the most intimate a person could ever share.

14. Infinite opportunity to learn The truth is every time you create something; you learn a little bit about life, your art and even about yourself.

15. Nobody telling you what to do Being an Artist means being yourself. It’s a crime to let other people tell you how to do your art.

16. Seeing you work in a person’s home The pride and joy you feel when someone likes seeing your art every day in their home are priceless.

17. Peace and Relaxation Being able to work on your art gives you peace and relaxation, not every occupation have this, so you enjoy being one of the lucky people to ever experience bliss creating your work.

chalk-drawing-929852_64018. You can play all day Creating art comes with a lot of playing. Deciding on what looks best requires numerous experiments and playing.

19. Creating something that will last This is probably what Michaelangelo, DaVinci and many more artists love the most. Creating something that will last for a long time, even after you’re gone.

20. Breaking the rules Art has limitless possibilities. It does not tell you to stay where you are; it commands you to go outside the box. It does not have rules, so making and creating something has endless possibilities.

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