Want To Be More Creative? Try LSD

lsd drug and creativityAfter I had started smoking weed, I read some articles about artists experimenting with different drugs and seeing the effects it had on their work. Bryan Lewis Saunders, for example, was an artist who did a self-portrait of himself every day. When it started to get boring, he began taking different types of drugs and if you check out the images online and compare each image, some of them had amazing and insane effects.
It seems like drugs have a magical influence on artists of all kinds, painters, musicians, authors, composers, actors and more. Many talents have been amplified by the use of drugs throughout history. I started to think, well if the marijuana had that effect on me, what would happen if I tried other drugs?

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The Loneliness of Being an Artist

drugs and lonelinessLoneliness is not a fault but a condition of existence” – Ivan Albright

It is common knowledge that most artists in some way are lonely (and that it can cause drug/alcohol addiction). For some, it is a choice, for others it is a battle. Growing up, I always had this creative side to me that I found hard to share with other people. It was difficult making friends and going out because all I wanted to do was sit and draw or paint or create. My parents tried to encourage me to put my pens down and go out and play some sports, and I was lucky enough to have some friends that have stuck by me. But when it comes down to it, I am alone, the only thing keeping me company is my art.

As an artist, happiness comes from creating, it’s my passion and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Though I don’t want to be lonely, I do choose to be alone. I can only get my imagination when I am in my private space, separate from other people and the outside world.

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