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About herrmann wagner imageHi everyone and welcome to Herrmann & Wagner. If you’d like to get to know me more, please read the following passage; it covers the ups and downs I faced throughout my career. I hope it inspires others to live out their dreams.

My favorite quote:

“No matter what you may have been told, what tests you may have taken, or what you believe about yourself–you have a unique gift, different from anyone else’s, to fulfill your purpose in this world.”

-Dr. Caroline Leaf

In the past, when I was struggling, I almost gave up multiple times. I had people on one side telling me it was never going to happen. I was good but not that good, and it is impossible to make money through art, grow up and get a job in the real world. I also had people on the other side telling me I had an amazing talent, not to give up, I would make it one day.

Finally, after years of having no money, working low paying dead end jobs just to pay my rent and feeling like I should relinquish my dreams, I have made it. My journey to my dreams has begun, I am starting to make money doing what I love, and people appreciate me.
Before you give up on your dreams, just remember why they are your dreams. Is it your passion, does it make you happy, are you good at it? If the answer is yes, then don’t give up, keep fighting, if there is a will, there is a way.

Before you give up on your dreams, just remember why they are your dreams. Is it your passion, does it make you happy, are you good at it? If the answer is yes, then don’t give up, keep fighting, if there is a will, there is a way.

About herrmann wagner image 2I always believed in myself. Even when I thought about giving up, it wasn’t because I thought I wasn’t good. I just thought it may not take me anywhere, and people weren’t giving me a chance. But the main tactic in reaching your dreams is believing in yourself, tell yourself you are incredible at what you do, and once you believe it, others will too. I read some interesting things by Dr. Caroline Leaf, which tell you that if you really believe something, literally anything, it will happen.

Even if people tell you your dream is unrealistic, and you could never achieve it, don’t believe them. As long as you know what you want, be certain you can get there, and you will one day.

If you make a plan, with small goals to reach to take you in the right direction of your dreams, then step by step you will feel like you are getting somewhere. Writing down these goals, as well as saying them out loud, also helps you to understand what it is exactly you want and make it real.

I gave myself a plan, like putting my pieces online and doing small exhibitions, and I am almost at the end of it. It feels great, and soon I will write my next plan, to get even closer to my dreams. Make sure you set yourself achievable goals, like setting your goals too high can leave you feeling downhearted when you can’t meet them. Each step is working towards your dream, whether those goals are big or small.

Everybody in the pursuit of their dreams will see failure at some point. Don’t let these setbacks put you off or question yourself. When I was first starting out, I produced painting after painting, drawing after drawing, and I had no customers. It was hard, I wondered if my work was bad, perhaps it was just me that thought it was great.

But I believed in myself, and I carried on. I tried different things to test what was more popular in the market, and finally managed to get more exposure for my pieces, and found people who enjoy my artwork just as much as I do. When I began using drugs, my work took a new direction, and I was able to reach a much larger customer base. You must always experiment, remember that everyone makes mistakes, and never think of it as a failure, just think of it as a hiccup. Learn from it, get over it and carry on. The journey to your dreams will teach you lessons, skills and life experiences along the way, as well as memories.

Whenever I thought about giving up, I asked myself, would my life be better if I did give up? My answer was of course, a huge no. Firstly, art is my passion and the main happiness in my life. If I had to give that up, there would be a huge gap missing in my life. Secondly, I don’t know what else I could do. Maybe I could have studied something else, but I have no idea what, and that would mean time and money before I could begin another career, which could never replace being an artist. I knew I would regret it if I did give up. You don’t want to one day say to yourself, what if? Regretting not reaching for your dream will cause unhappiness and even anger in later life.

If you complete any goal, no matter how small, celebrate it and be proud. Then you can push to the next one. It will help you to see what is coming in the future. Feel the triumph from the small things, and imagine the ecstasy you will feel when you are successful and reach your goal. When it happens, you can prove all the negative people wrong, and believe me that is pure satisfaction.

I am still not at my end goal yet, but I am currently living my dream. I don’t need a huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and I just want people to appreciate and love my work, and to be able to make a living from it. I am not expecting to be the next Picasso, but I love it when I see one of my pieces hanging up on someone’s wall. It’s a great feeling, a feeling of accomplishment. Just be determined, it won’t always be an easy journey but it will always be worth it.

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